God Knows You

ArtBook__134_134__EzraTaftBenson____[1]“Nothing is going to startle us more, when we pass through the veil to the other side, than to realize how well we know our Father, and how familiar His face is to us.”
– Ezra Taft Benson




MONSON_medium“Our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and will help us as we call upon Him for assistance.  I believe that no concern of ours is too small or insignificant.  The Lord is in the details of our lives.”
– Thomas S. Monson



dieter-f-uchtdorf-large“The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls. He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances.”
– Dieter F. Uchtdorf




henry-b-eyring-large“He is God above all, the Father above all, and yet willing to give undivided attention to one of His children.”
– Henry B. Eyring