ArtBook__134_134__EzraTaftBenson____[1]“God’s revelations to Adam did not instruct Noah how to build the ark.  Noah needed his own revelation.  Therefore, the most important prophet, so far as you and I are concerned, is the one living in our day and age to whom the Lord is currently revealing His will for us.”
– Ezra Taft Benson



MONSON_medium“The greatest single lesson we can learn in mortality is that when God speaks and a man obeys, that man will always be right.”
– Thomas S. Monson




l-tom-perry-large“Repeatedly the scriptures declare that the Lord gives His commandments to the children of men through living prophets. No committee, assembly, or any other authority has the right to dictate to Him doctrine that is contrary to His law. God’s eternal blessings are contingent upon our obedience and adherence to the word of the Lord that is revealed to us through His holy prophets.”
– L. Tom Perry



leldontanner“We cannot go astray if we listen to the prophet’s voice and follow him, and as we do so we will be led in the path of truth and righteousness and enjoy the love, respect, and confidence of our fellowmen, and eventually enjoy eternal life with our Father in Heaven.”
– N. Eldon Tanner




Harold B. Lee“Thus, the Lord has clearly placed responsibility of directing the work of gathering in the hands of His divinely appointed leaders.  I fervently pray that all Saints and truth seekers everywhere will attune their listening ears to these prophet-leaders instead of to some demagogue who seeks to make capital of social discontent and gain political influence.”
– Harold B. Lee, after quoting D&C 101:21



m-russell-ballard-large“These are difficult times. Is there one clear, unpolluted, unbiased voice that we can always count on? Is there a voice that will always give us clear directions to find our way in today’s troubled world? The answer is yes. That voice is the voice of the living prophet and apostles.  It is no small thing to have a prophet of God in our midst. Great and wonderful are the blessings that come into our lives as we listen to the word of the Lord given to us through him. At the same time, knowing that President Gordon B. Hinckley is God’s prophet also endows us with responsibility. When we hear the counsel of the Lord expressed through the words of the President of the Church, our response should be positive and prompt.”
– M. Russell Ballard


henry-b-eyring-large“Another fallacy is to believe that the choice to accept or not accept the counsel of prophets is no more than deciding whether to accept good advice and gain its benefits or to stay where we are.  But the choice not to take prophetic counsel changes the very ground upon which we stand.  It becomes more dangerous.  The failure to take prophetic counsel lessens our power to take inspired counsel in the future.  The best time to have decided to help Noah build the ark was the first time he asked.  Each time he asked after that, each failure to respond would have lessened sensitivity to the Spirit.  And so each time his request would have seemed more foolish, until the rain came.  And then it was too late.  Every time in my life when I have chosen to delay following inspired counsel or decided that I was an exception, I came to know that I had put myself in harm’s way.  Every time that I have listened to the counsel of prophets, felt it confirmed in prayer, and then followed it, I have found that I moved toward safety.  Along the path, I have found that the way had been prepared for me and the rough places made smooth.  God led me to safety along a path which was prepared with loving care, sometimes prepared long before.”
– Henry B. Eyring


Joseph_Smith1_Mormon“Noah came before the flood.  I have come before the fire.”
– Joseph Smith





Joseph_Smith1_Mormon“In your hands or that of any other person, so much power would, no doubt, be dangerous.  I am the only man in the world whom it would be safe to trust with it.  Remember, I am a prophet!”
– Joseph Smith




James_E_Faust“Through the ages, God’s messages to his children generally have been revealed through prophets. Amos tells us, ‘Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.’ (Amos 3:7.)  These are the prophetic oracles who have tuned in over the centuries to the ‘celestial transmitting station,’ with a responsibility to relay the Lord’s word to others. The principal qualifications of a prophet in any age are not wealth, title, position, physical stature, scholarship, or intellectual attainment. The two qualifications are that a prophet must be called as such by God, by open prophecy, and ordained by one known to have legal and spiritual authority, and he must receive and declare revelation from God. (See D&C 42:11.) No man knows the ways of God except they be revealed unto him. (See Jacob 4:8.)”
– James E. Faust


cscottgrow“Prophets don’t teach things that are popular. But I promise you that as you exercise faith in their words by following their counsel, there will come a day when you will know that what they have spoken was for your protection and blessing.”
– C. Scott Grow



Russell_M_Nelson“Because of what I have heard and felt during this Conference, how will I change?”
– Russell M. Nelson




Lorenzo Snow“I can fellowship the President of the Church, if he does not know everything I know. I saw the imperfections in Joseph Smith and I thanked God that he would put upon a man who had those imperfections the power and authority he placed upon him for I knew that I myself had weakness, and I thought there was a chance for me.”
– Lorenzo Snow


Joseph_B._Wirthlin“Key statements made by latter-day prophets are not trite cliches.  They are vital counsel to us from the Lord through his prophets.  We should ponder and act upon such statements.”
– Joseph B. Wirthlin



James_E_Faust“I strongly counsel all who have membership in this church to follow the teachings and counsel of those who now have the keys as prophets, seers, and revelators.  They are the ones who will inspire us to deal with the vicissitudes of our time. . . Great temporal and spiritual strength flows from following those who have the keys of the kingdom of God in our time.  Personal strength and power result from obedience to eternal principles taught by the living legates of the Lord.  May the Spirit of God rest upon us as we follow the living oracles.”
– James E. Faust


hinckley_medium“To his (President Benson’s) words I add my own words of testimony as one who has known and worked closely with seven Presidents of the Church, extending over a period of more than half a century. I know that each of these men has been a man of God, raised up by Him, trained and nurtured, schooled and disciplined for the great and singular and unique callings which have come to them. Our people have been blessed as they have followed their counsel. We will continue to be blessed if we will walk in the paths which they have pointed out and will continue to point out to us.”
– Gordon B. Hinckley


henry-b-eyring-large“Looking for the path to safety in the counsel of prophets makes sense to those with strong faith.  When a prophet speaks, those with little faith may think that they hear only a wise man giving good advice.  Then if his counsel seems comfortable and reasonable, squaring with what they want to do, they take it.  If it does not, they consider it either faulty advice or they see their circumstances as justifying their being an exception to the counsel.”
– Henry B. Eyring


henry-b-eyring-large“The failure to take prophetic counsel lessens our power to take inspired counsel in the future.”
– Henry B. Eyring




Elder Dallin H. Oaks“Happiness and spiritual progress lie in following the leaders of the Church.”
– Dallin H. Oaks




36923_all_22-straightupmcconkie“It is all well and good to sing praises to the ancient prophets and build sepulchres to their names, but there is no salvation in that fact standing alone.  If men in this world in our day want to go back to our Father’s kingdom, it is incumbent upon them to come to the Living Oracle and have exercised in their behalf the authority of the priesthood. They must accept and live in harmony with the counsels of those men whom God has chosen today.”
– Bruce R. McConkie


wilfordwoodruff“I say unto Israel, the Lord will ever permit me or any other man who stands as president of this Church to lead you astray. It is not in the program. It is not the mind of God. If I were to attempt that, the Lord would remove me out of my place, and so He will any other man who attempts to lead the children of men astray from the oracles of God and from their duty.”
– Wilford Woodruff


Joseph_Smith1_Mormon“If I revealed all that has been made known to me, scarcely a man on this stand would stay with me, and brethren, if I were to tell you all I know of the Kingdom of God, I do know that you would rise up and kill me.”
– Joseph Smith




sheldonfchild“If God loves us enough to send us Prophets, then we need to love Him enough to follow them.”
– Sheldon F. Child





Russell_M_Nelson“We all need guidance through life. We obtain it best from the standard works and teachings of the prophets of God.”
– Russell M. Nelson




36923_all_22-straightupmcconkie“The great need in the world today is not for the Lord to send a prophet to reveal his mind and will.  He has done that; we have a prophet; we are guided by many men who have the spirit of inspiration.  The great need today is for men to have a listening ear and to give heed to the words that fall from the lips of those who wear the prophetic mantle.”
– Bruce R. McConkie


laldinporter“The Lord has placed prophets in the land.  They speak the truth.  On whatever subject the prophets choose to speak, LISTEN.  Listen with your ears, with your minds, and with your hearts.  Do not analyze their mortal preparation to speak upon the subject.  That’s not where their strength comes from.  It is the power of God coupled with his call to them that qualifies them to speak–on any subject.  The united voice of the First Presidency and the Twelve will never, never, never lead us astray.”
– L. Aldin Porter


davidomckay“When God makes the prophet He does not unmake the man.”
– David O. McKay





hinckley_medium“I have worked with seven Presidents of the Church. I have recognized that all have been human. But I have never been concerned over this. They may have had some weaknesses. But this has never troubled me. I know that the God of heaven has used mortal men throughout history to accomplish His divine purpose.”
– Gordon B. Hinckley