The History Books

Church History Facts

Enjoy reading random facts in the history of the Church.  These probably won’t help you teach a lesson in Sunday School but will most definitely strengthen your knowledge and may just come in handy if you ever decide to play Church Trivia.


Church Leadership – Family Ties

There is significance in understanding some of the family relationships within the leadership of our Church.  The Church heavily emphasizes building a strong and faithful family.  Your righteous decisions not only affect your life but your immediate family’s lives, all helping build a righteous posterity.  Here you will find connections to present-day leaders with past leaders.



Apostle Information

Find out who the youngest and oldest apostles called in this dispensation were, who served the longest, where today’s current apostles served their missions, attended college, and what professions they had before accepting life as an Apostle.


Temple Facts

Find out which temples are the biggest, have the most rooms, are in the most countries, and even neat stories about temples and their constructions.



First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Throughout the Years

From 1835 to 2015, see the Church’s organizational structure throughout the years.  Men called to serve as Apostles do so until their death.  There have been nearly 100 men called to serve as Apostles, find their spots in the Quorum.



Church Released Decrees

Learn more about some of the official proclamations the church has issued regarding important topics such as polygamy and the priesthood.  In addition to these important declarations, the church has also issued several important decrees throughout the years.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find exactly what these were and what time they occurred.



Chronological List of all Prophets/Apostles

There have been nearly 100 men called to be Apostles in this Latter-Day dispensation.  Find out who they are.



Presiding Patriarchs

Information regarding a General Authority position that has since been discontinued and who served in that calling.



Latter-Day Saint Martyrs

The Lord has said, “Whoso layeth down his life in my cause, for my name’s sake, shall find it again, even life eternal” (D&C 98:13).  It is well known that Joseph and Hyrum Smith became martyrs of truth as they were killed in the cause of Zion.  But what about the many others who likewise became martyrs?  Here we will briefly examine those individuals who gave their very lives for the truth of the restored gospel.



Original Members of the Twelve

Learn more about Zions Camp and what happened to the Original Members of the Twelve Apostles.




Questions and Answers

Find challenging questions asked by members of the Church to Church authorities and their answers.

Missionary Work: Who taught Who

Ever wondered how each of the early leaders of the Church joined the Church?  Here you will find a brief account of leaders such as Brigham Young and Parley P. Pratt, describing how they came in contact with the church, who taught them, and who baptized them.


Statistical lnformation

The Church is growing today at a rapid pace.  See how the Church has grown from 6 members in 1830, to more than 15 million 180 years later.



Prophet Information

There have been 16 Presidents to preside over the Church in this dispensation.  They share many common traits that make them Prophets to which the Lord can entrust to serve as His spokesmen.  However, each has been unique individually, varying from how they were raised to what their favorite hymn was to their favorite food.  These men can serve as sources of inspiration and are righteous examples – but you might find that their life is not much different than yours!


Perpetual Education Fund

Learn more about PEF and how it has been changing lives for the past decade.  Members receive the education they need to go further professionally in life and helping them become leaders in the Church and the communities in which they live.




Chronological List of Temples

Use this as a resource to find and discover all the Temples across the world.



Latter-Day Visions

Visions occurred often when the Restoration was taking place.  Learn about these visions and how they led many to join the Church.



Sabbath Day Observance

How was the Sabbath kept during Joseph Smith’s lifetime? Have we borrowed Sabbath ideas from others? What kinds of public worship services took place before we had spacious, temperature-controlled meetinghouses? Why was fast day changed from the first Thursday to the first Sunday of each month? How have previous generations defined proper and improper Sabbath conduct? The answers to such questions reveal that today’s Sabbath Day Observance differs in some particulars from Sabbath routines of previous generations.



Modern-Day Prophecies

Read prophecies from modern-day Church Leaders regarding the Latter-day Saint people, places, warnings, and admonitions to better understand the direction of the Church and individual lives therein.



Series of Ten Articles About Priesthood Quorums and Their Purposes

A series of ten articles about priesthood quorums and their purposes. Here presiding priesthood leaders share some thoughts and insights to the respected quorums of the Church in hope of better helping us understand the duties and obligations of priesthood holders.