Six Keys to Achieving Greater Balance in Life

Six Keys to Achieving Greater Balance in Life

By Charles J. Vorwaller, October 1, 2012


The following six strategies are key to enabling productive harmony (balance) between the: Mind, Body and Spirit, and thus achieve the goals as referenced by Pres Gordon B Hinckley:  “You have the potential to become anything to which you set your mind. You have a mind and a body and a spirit. With these three working together, you can walk the high road that leads to achievement and happiness. But this will require effort and sacrifice and faith.”   (Conference Talk, “Stay on the High Road,” April, 2004)


1. GET DAILY EXERCISE Two methods: Theraband and Vorwaller Basic 8 routine to get the mind, body and spirit in-sync “More people rust out than wear out”

2. EAT RIGHT Follow “Rules of Sensible Nutrition” every day – eat what the body needs: the type, quantity and when – “You are what you eat”

3. GET SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT Consider Elder D Oaks “Spiritual Nourishment” to promote insight and PREs for meeting life’s challenges – know how to access the source.

4. MANAGE THOUGHTS Follow the Five basic methods of Thought Management “As a man thinketh so is he”

5. REST & SLEEP FOR REGENERATION Consider the 7 Methods  of Relaxation and Sleep Induction –essential for health of mind, body and spirit! Remember, most sleep meds have side effects

6. MODIFY LIFE STYLE Overcome habits, attitudes, doing things that waste time and annoy others, limits your progress – your “little” idiosyncrasies.  Apply proven methods of overcoming these and other SDB’s


To achieve balance in each of the above categories, identify actions or behaviors that you should cease doing, any that you should commence doing and any that you should continue doing (good things). You might consider using the “YOU-ME WINDOW” or the “HAY chart” or the “Balance Test” to get input from others. Then, use the Correlations Chart for 30 days to track your progress in learning what you should do more of and what you should do less of, to achieve your goals. Always follow the advice of Church leaders in understanding and balancing the interrelationship between the Mind, Body and Spirit (ideally the Spirit should be in charge of the Mind, and the Mind should be in charge of the Body; conversely, if the body is in charge and getting what it wants and when – this is the definition of an addiction).

An effective way of establishing the correct balance between the Mind, Body and Spirit is to promote use of the “Iron Rod” as a Point of Reference – it will help you make wise and right decisions in maintaining the correct balance (Hymn #274). Also, the STAR approach is very useful in dealing with addictions, anger management, improving social relationships and maximizing correct Mind, Body and Spirit power.

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Key Concepts to Keep in Mind:

(1) “Most mental-emotional-social disorders (especially depression and anxiety) are symptoms of underlying dysfunctional/unhealthy approaches to life, social relationships, unresolved issues-conflicts, or physical-health problems”

(2) “The body will usually heal itself if given the correct ‘raw materials’, stimulation and time”

(3) “The study of doctrine and the teaching of doctrine will change behavior more than the study of behavior will change behavior” Boyd K. Packer

(4) If stuck in life, don’t just sit and spin your wheels, do something to get unstuck

(5) The Secrets to productive life style and use of time and  resources are found in Hymns: “Improve the Shining Moments” (#226); “Have I Done Any Good?” (#223); “There is Sunshine in My Soul Today” (#227); “Do What is Right” (#237) (6) Follow the Naaman Principle of “Go and Do” to achieve desired results (key: follow D&C 88:124).