richard-g-scott-large“The Lord sees weaknesses differently than He does rebellion.”
– Richard G. Scott





hinckley_medium“One of the greatest tragedies we witness almost daily is the tragedy of men of high aim and low achievement. Their motives are noble. Their proclaimed ambition is praiseworthy. Their capacity is great. But their discipline is weak. They succumb to indolence. Appetite robs them of will.”
– Gordon B. Hinckley

josephfsmith“My young friends, there is an opportunity for you to become great – just as great as you wish to be. In starting out in life you may set your hearts upon things very difficult to attain to, but possibly within your reach. In your first efforts to gratify your deserves you may fail, and your continued efforts may not prove what may be termed a success. But inasmuch as your efforts, and inasmuch as your desires were founded in righteousness, the experience you obtain while pursuing your heart’s desires must necessarily be profitable to you, and even your mistakes, if mistakes you make, will be turned to your advantage.”
– Joseph F .Smith


Lorenzo Snow“I can fellowship the President of the Church, if he does not know everything I know. I saw the imperfections in Joseph Smith and I thanked God that he would put upon a man who had those imperfections the power and authority he placed upon him for I knew that I myself had weakness, and I thought there was a chance for me.”
– Lorenzo Snow