Church Leadership – Family Ties

Church Leadership – Family Ties


John Smith (General Authority from 1837-1854), known as “Uncle John”, was the younger brother of Joseph Smith, Sr. (1837-1840) served as the 4th Presiding Patriarch, a position now dissolved.  John Smith had a son, George A. Smith (1839-1875), who would serve as First Counselor to Brigham Young in the First Presidency

George A. Smith’s son John Henry Smith (1880-1911) also served as an Apostle and a member of the First Presidency.

John Henry Smith’s son, George Albert Smith (1903-1951) became the 8th President of the Church.  John Henry Smith and George Albert Smith have been the only father and son to serve in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles together at the same time, serving together for eight years

M. Russell Ballard (1976-present)) is the only apostle who had both grandfathers serve as apostles – Melvin J. Ballard (1919-1939) and Hyrum Mack Smith (1901-1918).  M. Russell Ballard is a great-grandson of Joseph F. Smith (1866-1918) and therefore a great-great-grandson of Hyrum Smith (1837-1844)

Spencer W. Kimball’s (1943-1985) grandfather was Heber C. Kimball (1835-1868)

Spencer W. Kimball and J. Reuben Clark (1934-1961) were cousins, having the same grandfather, Heber C. Kimball, but not the same grandmother

Orson F. Whitney (1906-1931), who served as an Apostle and became a prominent writer of books and hymns, was the grandson of Heber C. Kimball

Heber J. Grant holds a unique distinction in the Church because it can be said that he is a “son of the Prophet”.  Heber J. Grant’s mother Rachel Ivins was sealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith.  However, Orson F. Whitney’s mother, Helen Mar Kimball, was also sealed to Joseph Smith.  Thus, it can be said that Orson F. Whitney is also a “son of the Prophet”

Heber J. Grant (1882-1945) and Anthony W. Ivins (1907-1934) were first cousins, their mothers being sisters – Rachel Ivins and Anna Ivins.  Heber and Anthony would go on to serve in the First Presidency together for 14 years, Anthony being a counselor to President Grant.

Bruce R. McConkie (1946-1985) was Joseph Fielding Smith’s (1910-1972) son-in-law, having married President Smith’s youngest daughter, Amelia

Gordon Bitner Hinckley (1961-2008) and Joseph Bitner Wirthlin (1976-2008) were half-cousins, having the same grandfather, Breneman Barr Bitner, but different grandmothers.  They grew up together and even attended the same ward.  Joseph B. Wirthlin’s father served as the Presiding Bishop from 1952-1961.  Joseph B. Wirthlin would later serve as a Bishop and then a counselor to Russell M. Nelson (1984-present) in the Salt Lake City Bonneville Stake Presidency

Gordon B. Hinckley’s uncle, Alonzo A. Hinckley (1934-1936) served as an Apostle

Neal A. Maxwell (1976-2004) married Colleen Hinckley, Alonzo A. Hinckley’s daughter and Gordon B. Hinckley’s cousin

Henry B. Eyring (1992-present) is Spencer W. Kimball’s nephew.  President Eyring’s father, Henry J. Eyring, and President Kimball’s wife, Camilla Eyring, were brother and sister

N. Eldon Tanner  (1962-1982) was the nephew of Hugh B. Brown (1958-1975)

Heber J. Grant’s father, Jedidiah Grant (1845-1856), and father-in-law, Daniel H. Wells (1857-1891), were both Apostles and served as Counselors in the First Presidency

Dallin H. Oaks’ (1984-present) great-great grandfather, Emer Harris, was the brother of Martin Harris

Heber C. Kimball became the step-father of Joseph F. Smith when Heber married Mary Fielding Smith, the widow of Hyrum Smith and mother of Joseph F. Smith

Andrew Kimball, the father of Spencer W. Kimball, was a twin brother of Alice Kimball, a wife of Joseph F. Smith.  Thus, Spencer W. Kimball was a nephew of Joseph F. Smith and cousin to Joseph Fielding Smith

Hugh B. Brown married Brigham Young’s grand-daughter, Zina Card

James E. Faust (1976-2007) is a great-great grandson of Amasa M. Lyman (1842-1867) and great-great-great grandson of Edward Partridge.  Amasa M. Lyman married Edward Partridge’s daughter, Caroline

George Q. Cannon (1860-1901) was the nephew of John Taylor (1838-1887).  President Taylor married Leonora Cannon, George Q. Cannon’s aunt

Jeffrey R. Holland (1989-present) is a great-great grandson of George Q. Cannon.  Elder Holland’s mother Alice is George Q. Cannon’s granddaughter.

Ezra Taft Benson (1943-1994) is the great-grandson of early Apostle Ezra T. Benson (1846-1869)

Lorenzo Snow (1849-1901) and Erastus Snow (1849-1888) were ordained Apostles the same day, however there is no immediate relation between the two

Charles W. Nibley (1925-1931) is the grandfather to well-known Mormon apologist Hugh W. Nibley

Brigham Young (1835-1877) and Willard Richards (1840-1854) were first cousins and served in the First Presidency together, Brigham Young being President

LeGrand Richards (1952-1983) who served as an Apostle, was the son of Apostle George F. Richards (1905-1950), who was the son of Apostle Franklin D. Richards (1849-1899), who was the nephew of Willard Richards

Stephen L. Richards (1917-1959) who served in the First Presidency as First Counselor to David O. McKay, was the grandson to Willard Richards

J. Golden Kimball (1892-1938) one of the most colorful and beloved General Authorities in the Church who served many years in the Presidency of the Seventy, was the son of Heber C. Kimball and uncle to Spencer W. Kimball

Quentin L. Cook is the great-great-grandson of Heber C. Kimball

Franklin D. Richards was the nephew of Willard Richards

Douglas L. Callister (2000-2009) and Tad R. Callister (2008-present) are grandsons of LeGrand Richards.  The Callister’s mother, Norine Richards Callister, is the daughter of Elder Richards

Orson Pratt (1835-1842; 1843-1881) was the younger brother of Parley P. Pratt (1835-1857), both serving as Apostles in the Original Quorum of the Twelve