Chronological List of Temples

world temples


As of April 6, 2014 there are currently 143 operating temples throughout the world, 14 are under construction, and 13 have been announced for construction.  Temples are now found in every continent in the world.  Each temple blesses the lives of thousands of members.

For your information, this list serves as a chronological list of temples currently operating by the LDS Church.  The Kirtland Ohio Temple was the first temple built in this dispensation, dedicated in 1836.  This is where the keys to restore temple ordainances were received as well as many other important revelatioins pertaining to the Plan of Salvation.  The Kirtland Temple is not currently owned by the LDS Church.  The Nauvoo Illinois Temple followed and was dedicated in 1846.  Persecution drove the Saints West and the Nauvoo Temple would eventually be burned to the ground by anti-Mormon mobs in 1848.  However, the Nauvoo Temple served important functions in its short time as hundreds of Saints received their endowments before heading west.  A new Nauvoo Illinois Temple was dedicated in 2002 on the site of the original temple.  The exterior is almost an exact reconstruction of the original temple.

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1. St. George Utah Temple

800px-Saint_George_Utah_Temple_Side_ViewSt. George, Utah, USA

Announcement: January 31, 1871

Dedication: April 6, 1877 by Daniel H. Wells

Rededication: November 11, 1975 by Spencer W. Kimball

Size: 110, 000 sq ft
on 6 acre site



3. Manti Utah Temple

MantiUtahTempleManti, Utah, USA

Announcement: June 25, 1875

Dedication: May 21, 1888 by Lorenzo Snow

Rededication: June 14, 1985 by Gordon B. Hinckley

Size: 100, 373 sq ft
on 27 acre site



5. Laie Hawaii Temple

LaieHawaiiTempleLaie, Hawaii, USA

Announcement: October 1, 1915

Dedication: November 27, 1919 by Heber J. Grant

Rededication: November 20, 2010 by Thomas S. Monson

Size: 47, 224 sq ft
on 11.4 acre site



7. Mesa Arizona Temple

MesaArizonaTempleMesa, Arizona, USA

Announcement: October 3, 1919

Dedication: October 23, 1927 by Heber J. Grant

Rededication: April 16, 1975 by Spencer W. Kimball

Size: 120,000 sq ft
on a 20 acre site



9. Bern Switzerland Temple

bern-switzerland-808x480-CWD_091110_CWills_007Muchenbuchsee, Switzerland

Announcement: July 1, 1952

Dedication: September 11, 1955 by David O. McKay

Rededication: November 23, 1992 by Gordon B. Hinckley

Size: 39, 063 sq ft
on a 7 acre site



2. Logan Utah Temple

Logan_Utah_TempleLogan, Utah, USA

Announcement: 1863

Dedication: May 17, 1884 by John Taylor

Rededication: March 13, 1979 by Spencer W. Kimball

Size: 119, 619 sq
ft on 9 acre site



4. Salt Lake Utah Temple

SaltLakeTempleSalt Lake City, Utah, USA

Announcement: July 28, 1847

Dedication: April 6, 1893 by Wilford Woodruff

Size: 250, 015 sq
ft on a 10 acre site





6. Cardston Alberta Temple

CardstonAlbertaTempleCardston, Alberta, Canada

Announcement: June 27, 1913

Dedication: August 26, 1923

Rededication: June 22, 1991

Size: 81, 700 sq ft
on 10 acre site





8. Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

IdahoFallsTempleIdaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Announcement: March 3, 1937

Dedication: September 23, 1945 by George Albert Smith

Size: 92, 177 sq ft on 7 acre site





10. Los Angeles California Temple

LosAngelesCaliforniaTempleLos Angeles, California, USA

Announcement: March 6, 1937

Dedication: March 11, 1956 by David O. McKay

Size: 190, 614 sq ft on 13 acre site