First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: 1835

First Quorum Organized (1835):

sidneyrigdonSidney Rigdon

Joseph_Smith1_MormonJoseph Smith Jr.

frederickgwilliamsFrederick G. Williams

thomas.b.marshThomas B. Marsh

david.w.pattenDavid W. Patten

brighamyoungearlyearlyyBrigham Young

heberckimballearlyHeber C. Kimball

orsonhydeOrson Hyde

williamemclellinWilliam E. McLellin

Parley_P_PrattParley P. Pratt

lukesjohnsonLuke S. Johnson

williamsmithWilliam Smith

orsonprattearlyOrson Pratt

johnfboyntonJohn F. Boynton

lymanejohnsonLyman E. Johnson


*The Three Witnesses had chosen and ordained by revelation these 12 men by the laying on of hands in 1835.  The Three Witnesses consisted of Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and David Whitmer.  These three men were ordained Apostles and thus given keys to ordain the Twelve.  The Three Witnesses gave their testimony of the Divinity of the Work in 1829 found in the beginning pages of the Book of Mormon.  For more on the Original members of the first Twelve Apostles called in this dispensation click here.