Prophet Information

There have been 16 Presidents to preside over the Church in this dispensation.  They share many common traits that make them Prophets to which the Lord can entrust to serve as His spokesmen.  However, each has been unique individually, varying from how they were raised to what their favorite hymn was to their favorite food.  These men can serve as sources of inspiration and are righteous examples – but you might find that their life is not much different than yours!

Joseph Smith: December 23, 1805

Brigham Young: June 1, 1801

John Taylor: November1, 1808

Wilford Woodruff: March 1, 1807

Lorenzo Snow: April 3, 1814

Joseph F. Smith: November 22, 1856

Heber J. Grant: November 22, 1856

George Albert Smith: April 4, 1870

David O. McKay: September 8, 1873

Joseph Fielding Smith: July 19, 1876

Harold B. Lee: March 28, 1899

Spencer W. Kimball: March 28, 1895

Ezra Taft Benson: August 4, 1899

Howard W. Hunter: November 14, 1907

Gordon B. Hinckley: June 23, 1910

Thomas S. Monson: August 21, 1927

Joseph Smith: Sharon, Vermont

Brigham Young: Whitingham, Vermont

John Taylor: Milnthorpe, England

Wilford Woodruff: Farmington, Connecticut

Lorenzo Snow: Mantua, Ohio

Joseph F. Smith: Far West, Missouri

Heber J. Grant: Salt Lake City, Utah

George Albert Smith: Salt Lake City, Utah

David O. McKay: Huntsville, Utah

Joseph Fielding Smith: Salt Lake City, Utah

Harold B. Lee: Clifton, Idaho

Spencer W. Kimball: Salt Lake City, Utah

Ezra Taft Benson: Whitney, Idaho

Howard W. Hunter: Boise, Idaho

Gordon B. Hinckley: Salt Lake City, Utah

Thomas S. Monson: Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Smith: Harmony, Pennsylvania – May 15, 1829 – Age 23

Brigham Young: Mendon, New York – April 14, 1832 – Age 31

John Taylor: Ontario, Canada – May 9, 1836 – Age 27

Wilford Woodruff: Richard, New York – May 9, 1836 – Age 27

Lorenzo Snow: Kirtland, Ohio – June 19, 1836 – Age 22

Joseph F. Smith: Salt Lake City, Utah – May 21, 1852 – Age 13

Heber J. Grant: Salt Lake City, Utah – June 2, 1864 – Age 8

George Albert Smith: Salt Lake City, Utah – 1878 – Age 8

David O. McKay: Huntsville, Utah – 1881 – Age 8

Joseph Fielding Smith: Salt Lake City, Utah – 1884 – Age 8

Harold B. Lee: Clifton, Idaho – 1907 – Age 8

Spencer W. Kimball: Salt Lake City, Utah – 1903 – Age 8

Ezra Taft Benson: Whitney, Idaho – 1907 – Age 8

Howard W. Hunter: Boise, Idaho – 1919 – Age 12 (his father was not a member and didn’t allow him to get baptized until he was older)

Gordon B. Hinckley: Salt Lake City, Utah – 1918 – Age 8

Thomas S. Monson: Salt Lake City, Utah – 1935 – Age 8

Joseph Smith: 4th of eleven children

Brigham Young: 9th of eleven children

John Taylor: 2nd of ten children

Wilford Woodruff: 3rd of nine children

Lorenzo Snow: 5th of seven children

Joseph F. Smith: Oldest of two children

Heber J. Grant: Only child

George Albert Smith: 2nd of eleven children

David O. McKay: 3rd of ten children

Joseph Fielding Smith: 4th of thirteen children

Harold B. Lee: 2nd of six children

Spencer W. Kimball: 5th of eleven children

Ezra Taft Benson: Oldest of eleven children

Howard W. Hunter: Oldest of two children

Gordon B. Hinckley: Oldest of five children

Thomas S. Monson: 2nd of five children

Joseph Smith: Emma Hale (1827-1844 his death), 33 other wives

Brigham Young: Miriam Works (1824-1832 her death), Mary Ann Angell (1834-1887 his death), 53 other wives

John Taylor: Leonora Cannon (1833-1868 her death), Margaret Young (1858-1887 his death), 7 other wives

Wilford Woodruff: Phoebe Carter (1837-1885 her death), 8 other wives

Lorenzo Snow: Charlotte Merrill Squires (1844-1850 her death), Phoebe Amelia Woodruff (1859-1901 his death), 7 other wives

Joseph F. Smith: Legira A. Clark (1859-1868 divorced), Julina Lambson (1866-1918 his death), 4 other wives

Heber J. Grant*: Lucy Stringham (1877-1893 her death), Hulda Augusta Winters (1887-1952 his death), Emily Harris Wells (1887-1908 her death)

George Albert Smith: Lucy Emily Woodruff (1892-1951 his death)

David O. McKay: Emily Ray Riggs (1901-1970 his death)

Joseph Fielding Smith: Louie Emily Shurtliff (1898-1908 her death), Ethel Georgina Reynolds (1908-1937 her death), Jessie Ella Evans (1938-1971 her death)

Harold B. Lee: Fern Lucinda Tanner (1923-1962 her death), Freda Joan Jensen (1963-1973 his death)

Spencer W. Kimball: Camilla Eyring (1917-1985 his death)

Ezra Taft Benson: Flora Amusen (1926-1992 her death)

Howard W. Hunter: Clara Jeffs (1931-1983 her death), Inis Stanton (1990-1995 his death)

Gordon B. Hinckley: Majorie Pay (1937-2004 her death)

Thomas S. Monson: Francis Beverly Johnson (1947-2013 her death)

*last President to practice plural marriage

Joseph Smith: 21 years old – January 18, 1827

Brigham Young: 30 years old – October 8, 1924

John Taylor: 24 years old – January 28, 1833

Wilford Woodruff: 30 years old – April 13, 1837

Lorenzo Snow: 31 years old – January 27, 1845

Joseph F. Smith: 27 years old – May 5, 1866

Heber J. Grant: 20 years old – November 1, 1877

George Albert Smith: 22 years old – May 25, 1892

David O. McKay: 27 years old – January 2, 1901

Joseph Fielding Smith: 21 years old – April 26, 1898

Harold B. Lee: 24 years old – November 14, 1923

Spencer W. Kimball: 22 years old – November 16, 1917

Ezra Taft Benson: 27 years old – September 10, 1926

Howard W. Hunter: 23 years old – June 10, 1931

Gordon B. Hinckley: 26 years old – April 29, 1937

Thomas S. Monson: 21 years old – October 7, 1948

Joseph Smith: 11 (Five lived to maturity)

Brigham Young: 57

John Taylor: 35

Wilford Woodruff: 33 (Eleven did not survive past first year)

Lorenzo Snow: 42

Joseph F. Smith: 53 (Five adopted)

Heber J. Grant: 12

George Albert Smith: 3

David O. McKay: 7

Joseph Fielding Smith: 11

Harold B. Lee: 2

Spencer W. Kimball: 4

Ezra Taft Benson: 6

Howard W. Hunter: 3

Gordon B. Hinckley: 5

Thomas S. Monson: 3

Joseph Smith: 6 feet, 210 lbs.

Brigham Young: 5 feet 10 inches, 190 lbs.

John Taylor: 5 feet 11 inches, 180 lbs.

Wilford Woodruff: 5 feet 8 inches, 170 lbs.

Lorenzo Snow: 5 feet 6 inches, 170 lbs.

Joseph F. Smith: 5 feet 11 inches, 185 lbs.

Heber J. Grant: 6 feet, 180 lbs.

George Albert Smith: 6 feet, 160 lbs.

David O. McKay: 6 feet 1 inch, 200 lbs.

Joseph Fielding Smith: 5 feet 9 inches, 165 lbs.

Harold B. Lee: 5 feet 9 inches, 180 lbs.

Spencer W. Kimball: 5 feet 6 inches, 165 lbs.

Ezra Taft Benson: 6 feet 1 inch, 210 lbs.

Howard W. Hunter: 6 feet, 185 lbs.

Gordon B. Hinckley: 5 feet 10 inches, 175 lbs.

Thomas S. Monson: 6 feet 2 inches, 220 lbs.

Joseph Smith: Very little formal education

Brigham Young: Apprenticed carpenter

John Taylor: Good English education (Latin, Greek, Mathematics)

Wilford Woodruff: Attended school in youth

Lorenzo Snow: Private Schools, Oberlin College (Degree in Theology and Hebrew)

Joseph F. Smith: Ward schools

Heber J. Grant: Private schools

George Albert Smith: Brigham Young Academy, University of Utah

David O. McKay: LDS Church Academy (Weber St.), University of Utah

Joseph Fielding Smith: LDS Business College

Harold B. Lee: Oneida Stake Academy, Albion Stake Academy, University of Utah

Spencer W. Kimball: Public schools, University of Arizona

Ezra Taft Benson: BYU (B.A. in Animal Husbandry), Iowa State University (M.A. in Agriculture Economics), University of California

Howard W. Hunter: Southwestern Law School

Gordon B. Hinckley: University of Utah (B.A. in English)

Thomas S. Monson: University of Utah (B.S. in Business Management), BYU (M.A. in Business Administration)

Joseph Smith: Farmer, Mayor of Nauvoo, Banker, Merchant

Brigham Young: Skilled Craftsman, Carpenter, House Painter, Cabinet Maker, Governor of Utah

John Taylor: Farmer, Woodturner, Publisher, Writer, Previously a Successful Lay Methodist Preacher

Wilford Woodruff: Miller, Famer, Historian

Lorenzo Snow: School teacher, City Planner, Businessman, Served on the Utah Legislature for 29 years

Joseph F. Smith: Farmer, Public Servant, Hotel Operator

Heber J. Grant: Businessman (owned businesses in retail, insurance, bank, newspaper, theatre, and Utah Sugar Company)

George Albert Smith: Receiver of the US Land Office and Special disbursing Agent for Utah

David O. McKay: Teacher, Principal, Professor, Sponsored the founding of Church colleges, seminaries, and Institute of Religion

Joseph Fielding Smith: Wholesale grocery clerk, Church Historian for 64 years, Writer (authored 25 books and many articles)

Harold B. Lee: Teacher, Board of Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad

Spencer W. Kimball: Pulling corn and irrigating for farmers, cashier at Citizens Bank, Bookkepper, Insurance and Real Estate Broker

Ezra Taft Benson: Farmer, Agricultural Administrator, Government Service, Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower Administration

Howard W. Hunter: Banker, Attorney (Corporate and Business Law)

Gordon B. Hinckley: Church Business Executive Radio, Publicity, Mission Literature Committee (wrote many manuals and missionary tracts)

Thomas S. Monson: Publisher and Printer, General Manager for Deseret News

Joseph Smith: A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief (No. 29)

Brigham Young: When First the Glorious Light of Truth (No longer in Hymn Book)

John Taylor: Go, Ye Messengers of Glory (No. 262)

Wilford Woodruff: God Moves in a Mysterious Way (No. 285)

Lorenzo Snow: Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded (No. 43)

Joseph F. Smith: Uphold the Right, Though Fierce the Fight (No longer in Hymn Book)

Heber J. Grant: Come, Come Ye Saints (No. 30)

George Albert Smith: Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words (No. 232)

David O. McKay: Oh Say, What is Truth? (No. 272)

Joseph Fielding Smith: Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire (No. 145)

Harold B. Lee: Praise to the Man (No. 27)

Spencer W. Kimball: I Need Thee Every Hour (No. 98)

Ezra Taft Benson: How Great Thou Art (No. 86)

Howard W. Hunter: Have I Done Any Good? (No. 223)

Gordon B. Hinckley: God of Our Fathers, Known of Old (No. 80)

Thomas S. Monson: Master, the Tempest Is Raging (No. 105)

Source: Favorite Hymns of the Latter-Day Prophets

Joseph Smith: Wrestling, Stick Pulling, Jumping at the Mark, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating

Brigham Young: Acting, Dancing, Attending Theatre, Singing Duets with his brother Joseph

John Taylor: Carpentry, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Writing, Poetry, and Singing Hymns

Wilford Woodruff: Hunting, Fly Fishing, Dairy Farming, Cultivation, and Improving strains of vegetables, nuts, and fruits, Journal Keeping

Lorenzo Snow: Reading, Poetry, Attending Theatre, Art Events, Checkers, Music, and Singing

Joseph F. Smith: Long car rides, Golfing, Attending Plays and Concerts, Music, Checkers, and Riding Horses

Heber J. Grant: Sports (played baseball, volleyball, golf, and exercised each morning), Singing, Penmanship, Movies, Reading

George Albert Smith: Outdoor Activities (Swimming, Hunting, Fishing, and Camping), Horses, Music (Harmonica, Banjo, and Guitar), Collecting Art, Scouting

David O. McKay: Music (Piano), Debate, Singing, Wrote and Memorized Poetry, Football

Joseph Fielding Smith: Swimming, Doing Research, Writing, Sports (Baseball, Tennis, Handball), Horseshoes

Harold B. Lee: Debate, Basketball, Band, Gardening, Finishing, Music (Piano, Organ, Trombone, and Mandolin)

Spencer W. Kimball: Singing (solos and quartnets), Journal Keeping, Music (Piano), Indian Culture, Sports (Handball and Basketball)

Ezra Taft Benson: Singing, Horseshoes, Riding Horses, Scouting, Patriotic Events

Howard W. Hunter: Scouting, Stamp and Coin Collecting, Music (Piano, Clarinet, Drums, Violin, Trumpet, and Saxophone), Journal Keeping

Gordon B. Hinckley: Reading (English and American Literature, Church History, Current Events), Gardening, Writing (wrote 39 half hour Church History segments radio scripts)

Thomas S. Monson: Checkers, Visiting Friends, Raising Pigeons, Scouting

Joseph Smith: Age 23 – May 1829

Brigham Young: Age 33 – February 14, 1835

John Taylor: Age 30 – December 19, 1838

Wilford Woodruff: Age 32 – April 26, 1839

Lorenzo Snow: Age 35 – February 12, 1849

Joseph F. Smith: Age 27 – July 1, 1866

Heber J. Grant: Age 25 – October 16, 1882

George Albert Smith: Age 33 – October 8, 1903

David O. McKay: Age 31 – April 9, 1906

Joseph Fielding Smith: Age 33 – April 7, 1910

Harold B. Lee: Age 42 – April 10, 1941

Spencer W. Kimball: Age 48 – October 7, 1943

Ezra Taft Benson: Age 44 – October 7, 1943

Howard W. Hunter: Age 52 – October 15, 1959

Gordon B. Hinckley: Age 51 – October 5, 1961

Thomas S. Monson: Age 36 – October 4, 1963

Joseph Smith: 12 years (1832-1844)

Brigham Young: 30 years (1847-1877)

John Taylor: 7 years (1880-1887)

Wilford Woodruff: 9 years (1889-1898)

Lorenzo Snow: 3 years (1898- 1901)

Joseph F. Smith: 18 years (1901- 1918)

Heber J. Grant: 27 years (1918- 1945)

George Albert Smith: 6 years (1945- 1951)

David O. McKay: 19 years (1951- 1970)

Joseph Fielding Smith: 2 years (1970- 1972)

Harold B. Lee: 1.5 years (1972- 1973)

Spencer W. Kimball: 12 years (1973- 1985)

Ezra Taft Benson: 9 years (1985- 1994)

Howard W. Hunter: 9 months (1994-1995)

Gordon B. Hinckley: 13 years (1995-2008)

Thomas S. Monson: 6 years (2008-present)

Joseph Smith: Age 38 – June 27, 1844

Brigham Young: Age 76 – August 29, 1877

John Taylor: Age 78 – July 25, 1887

Wilford Woodruff: Age 91 – September 2, 1898

Lorenzo Snow: Age 87 – October 19, 1901

Joseph F. Smith: Age 80 – November 19, 1918

Heber J. Grant: Age 88 – May 14, 1945

George Albert Smith: Age 81 – April 4, 1951

David O. McKay: Age 96 – January 18, 1970

Joseph Fielding Smith: Age 95 – July 2, 1972

Harold B. Lee: Age 74 – December 26, 1973

Spencer W. Kimball: Age 90 – November 5, 1985

Ezra Taft Benson: Age 94 – May 30, 1994

Howard W. Hunter: Age 87 – March 3, 1995

Gordon B. Hinckley: Age 97 – January 27, 2008

Thomas S. Monson:

Joseph Smith: Murdered – Gunshot wounds

Brigham Young: Ruptured Appendix

John Taylor: Kidney Failure

Wilford Woodruff: Bladder Infection

Lorenzo Snow: Pneumonia

Joseph F. Smith: Broncho, Pneumonia

Heber J. Grant: Heart Failure

George Albert Smith: Respiratory Infection, Complications from Lupus

David O. McKay: Congestive Heart Failure

Joseph Fielding Smith: Heart Attack

Harold B. Lee: Cardiac and Lung Failure

Spencer W. Kimball: Heart Failure

Ezra Taft Benson: Heart Failure

Howard W. Hunter: Prostate Cancer

Gordon B. Hinckley: Old Age

Thomas S. Monson: