Pilot Training

A flight instructor was sitting next to his student in their single-engine plane.  “Well,” he said, “I think it’s time for a landing.  Are you ready to go down?”

As they approached the runway, the instructor looked at his student and noticed his absolute calm.  Normally coming in for their first landing, students were nervous, wide-eyed, and sweaty.  But this young man was cool as a cucumber.  The instructor thought, I cannot believe how calm this young man is.  He will make a great pilot.

Suddenly, the plane hit the runway with a thud, bounced 50 feet into the air, hit and bounced again, ran off and landed upside down in a nearby cornfield.  The instructor, upside down and still strapped in his seat, exclaimed, “that was the worst landing any student of mine has ever made!”

“Me?”, asked the student, “I thought you were landing the plane!”