The Parable of the Battery

The Parable of the Battery

By Charles E. Vorwaller


Have you ever been in a car that broke down on the road and would not work?  This can be very frustrating.  In comparison, as we go through life, we face challenges every day.  These are just as frustrating.

One cause of a car breaking down is often a weakened battery.  In a similar way, our ability to deal with life’s challenges can be affected by a weakened testimony.


Is a souce of power

Small and quiet

Has two terminal posts

Both terminal posts are required to make the battery work

Lack of use weakens the battery

Corrosioin on terminal posts will prevent power temporally

We must clean terminal post to restore power

Another fully charged battery can restore the power of a weaker battery

Jumper cables provide the connection between two power sources


Is a source of power

Small and quiet

Has to main parts – prayer and scriptures

Both scripture and prayer are required to strengthen your testimony

Not sharing our testimony can weaken it

Discouragement prevents us from praying and reading the scriptures

We must recommit to daily scripture study and personal and family prayer

Antoher person’s strong testimony can restore a weaker testimony

Heavenly Father provides the connection to us through prayer and scriptures